Mintzkov“360° is the second album of the Belgian band Mintzkov. Or it might be their first one as they started their musical career as Mintzkov Luna with an astonishing album called M for Means and L for Love. During the making of 360° they felt like having to change their name. The song ‘One equals a Lot’ on 360° stands for the new and reborn Mintzkov. Straightforward, powerful and adventurous. Where M for means and L for Love was a wonderful listening experience filled with subdued tension, 360° has Mintzkov crackling like neve before. You need references? Try thinking Girls against Boys meets Pixies. 360° was produced by Mark Freegard, a Scottish lad who has previously worked with The Breeder, Manic Street Preachers and The Cranes.

With 360° Mintzkov is searching for the basis. The making of second album forced the band to think about their position and reconsider that position. Making good songs is one thing but making them brilliant that make a difference is a whole other thing. On 360° Mintzkov has succeeded in the latter. Making a circle: that about sums up Mintzkov’s working process for 360°. Taking different paths and enjoying what their distractions have to offer without losing track of the ultimate goal: coming back home and finding what you’ve been searching for.